Tinseltown Christmas
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A new holiday musical
Tinseltown Christmas was developed in association with the Academy for New Musical Theatre
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Another Christmas Eve, and Monica Ness, still feeling the sting of Christmases past, wants nothing to do with it. Turning on her TV to escape the usual holiday hoopla, and the thought of another evening living next door to a neighbor she can’t stand, Monica is suddenly confronted by the ghosts of Jimmy Stewart, Judy Garland, Bing Crosby and Natalie Wood, who miraculously pop out of their Christmas movies and through her TV screen on a mission to bring her a little Christmas cheer, Hollywood style. When the stars realize that Monica is not such an easy customer, they cook up a plan to generate a little assistance from that annoying next door neighbor. 

As their plan unfolds into a musical comedy of errors, Monica and her neighbor Steve, not only rediscover Christmas, but a capture their own Hollywood romance. 

  TINSELTOWN Christmas, is a contemporary musical appropriate for all ages.
Book and Lyrics by Chana Wise
Music by Carl Johnson
"Loved the plot! Loved the scenes set up! Great singing/acting and it was hilarious. Must see!!" 
- Orange County Goldstar Reviewer

"It was an awesome play. It was opening night so they served food and wine after the play. I loved it and my husband had such a good time."
-San Diego County 
Goldstar reviewer

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